Content Planner Notion Template

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Content Planner Notion Template

The Organized Notebook
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Welcome to our Content Calendar & Planning Notion Template! This template will help all content creators organize all of their posts, social media platforms, and more. We also use this template to schedule, plan, and brainstorm for The Organized Notebook! If you’re new to Notion we recommend that you check out our article on how to get started with Notion with our best 10 tips here!

Our template is divided into four main sections. We’ve made sure to be as minimal as possible with only two databases so that the template is easy to use and understand!

  • Platforms: where you can link your social media page and add any relevant information about your platform such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram
  • Publishing Schedule: This area shows a calendar of your publishing schedule. You can also see it based on each platform.
  • Brainstorming Ideas: Here, you can see all of your brainstorming ideas. If you run out of ideas, you can look here for a quick view of what you could do next.
  • Content Planner: This section plans out your content into tasks. You can see all tasks you need to do in a monthly view.

Go to our full tutorial here on our website!


How to download the template?

Once you make the purchase, open the template link, and click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace.

Wish to have more features?

Send us your feature requests via the following link and we will select the top voted requests to create new updates for the template.

Have questions about the template?

Send your feedback or questions to our email at organizednotebook.info@gmail.com

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